Future Heritages: The sea and what it means to us!

Aith Junior High School pupils, on Shetland west side, respond to ‘New Connections’: Future heritage-makers present their virtual galleries of da past, enoo, and da future

At the memorial commemoriating Ove Joensen ‘the accidental visitor’, whose story is told in the virtual museum. Photograph by Ingrid Smith

Following a workshop, and some pre-viewing of the ‘New Connections Across the Northern Isles’ films with co-curation facilitator and PhD student Catherine McCullagh in May 2019, pupils from primary class 5/6 worked together, with the support of their teacher Ingrid Smith, to create a response; their own virtual museum gallery, including stories, new interpretations, photography, art works and films to share their perspectives as future heritage-makers on Shetland’s maritime culture.

Aith Junior High School Pupils discuss their enoo and maritime futures. Photograph by C. McCullagh

Here, with their teacher Ingrid Smith, the children tell the story of how their virtual museum emerged:

The sea ebbs and flows into every part of our lives. As there were lots of good ideas about the different ways we could share our thoughts we decided to look at this in terms of Past, Present and Future so that we could incorporate as many of them as we could! Da past includes family stories passed down through generations or the local history which helped shape the community we live in today. After carefully selecting the stories we felt had the greatest impact on us, we then decided how to interpret them to share with others. We decided to use film in the style of newsreporters, a nod to the way the stories had first been told to us, through spoken word. Da present (or eenoo!) although we all have family or friends whose livelihoods come either directly or indirectly from the sea, for us the sea is often linked to enjoyment. They say we are never more than three miles away from the sea at any given point in Shetland and are surrounded by stunning coastline, rich in nature, and we wanted to share this.

Aith Junior High School, Primary 5/6

Aith Lifeboat from the school Playground. Photograph by C. McCullagh

It is important to respect the sea and realise that it can never be taken for granted. Da sea – wir past, wir present, wir future and in good hands with inspirational young people at the helm.

Aith Junior High School Primary 5/6 pupils and their teacher Ingrid Smith

Please visit our virtual gallery, where you can turn pages, read our interpretations, see our artworks and watch our films; just click here to enter. We hope you enjoy it!

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