Baltic bowls and Riga cups

A new temporary exhibition showcasing examples of Khokhloma ware in the Northern Isles is now up and running at Orkney Museum in Kirkwall until Saturday 16th February 2020

The exhibition highlights these beautifully decorated wooden artefacts that were to be found in the homes of Orcadians and Shetlanders in the 19th century. These brightly decorated lathe-turned wooden utensils came from Russia via the Baltic ports, especially Riga. Khokhloma ware was just one of the subjects we explored during the New Connections project and which we have now developed further with the help of our co-curator Alison Turner-Rugg. Click Khokhloma ware to find out more about these objects.

Here you can see objects from Orkney Museum’s reserve collection and loans from local collectors, alongside items kindly lent to us by Shetland Museum and Archives. The exhibition will also be on show at Shetland Museum in the near future.